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Exciting transparent water ball for pool
Product Description:

Inflatable water roller:  Water Roller also named Inflatable Water Roller , water roll ball, Walk-on-Water Roller etc.
Water Roller is very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation. We can produce all kinds of the Water
 according to your requests. 
Water Roller Products Explain: Climb inside this giant 6-foot sphere and rock-and-roll across
the water. 
The inset cups on the outer surface help grip and paddle your way through the water as you spin the globe.
Using two Nuclear Globes, you can engage in Nuclear Face-Off as you and an opponent compete to bump and bounce
each other into submission. 
Prepare for combat!  

Size: 2m Dia
Material: 0.7/1.0mmTPU/0.8/1.0mm PVC
Colors: Clear(Transparent),Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Apple Green, Pink, Black, Orange, Purple, etc.
Package: PVC Tarpaulin Bag + Webbing Bag. (double package)
Package size: Based on the Size
Weight: Based on the Size and Material
Delivery Way: By Express,By Air or By Sea
Delivery time: 10-15days
MOQ: 1pc
Payment : T/T, Western Union or paypal
Useage: Swimming Pool, Beach, Water Park, Lake, River, Shoaling Water, etc.
Accessories: CE/UL Inflatable Pump
Repair Kits: Included, TPU/PVC Material, Zip Oil, Glue. etc.

Details and packing:

Usage Steps :

  1. Check the roller carefully before inflating it . 
  2. Use the air pump to inflate it and make sure the air is full enough. 
  3. Check it again to make sure the roller without any punctures.
  4. Let the user go into the roller after checking.


  1. Please use it AS A TOY but NOT A TOOL walking on water.
  2. Please use it at a room temperature to make sure it work well.
  3. Always make sure that the product is safe and in good condition before use.
  4. Make sure that all safety equipment is tested and found usable before use.
  5. Don't use it on river, sea or lake without the safety string attached to a controller.

Maintenance and Storage:

  1. Make sure the Water Roller is dry completely before packing it . 
  2. Make sure the Water Roller is clean before packing. 
  3. Make sure the Water Roller gets away form spicule . 

How to repair it?

  1. Find out exactly where the leak is.  
    Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of soap and water and spray it liberally on the Roller along the seams. 
    You will notice that the solution starts to bubble up where the leak is located, and then so take note of the position of the hole.
  2. Prepare the hole for patching.  
    Dry the seam off and make sure that it is completely deflated before attempting to patch the seam. If you have the patch kit that came with the Roller , you can use the prep solution to thoroughly clean the rubber before proceeding . Rubbing alcohol also works.
  3. Apply plumber's goop liberally to the seam and let it dry for about 15minutes.  
    If possible, apply some goop to the inside of the seam as well, so that it spreads out and gives an extra layer of protection when the Roller pressurizes.
  4. Fill the Roller about halfway with air and wait another 30minutes or so to make sure that the goop has dried completely.
  5. Inflate the water roller completely and spray it again with the soap and water mixture to make sure that the hole is indeed fixed.